Our expert team of consultants has a toolbox brimming with solutions for all your practice needs. When presented with a challenge, we know how to find the solution.

  • New start-up practice development – We value the risks doctors who venture out on their own take.  You want to start your own practice; we’ve done many, of all different specialties. The process is the same across specialties, with nuances specific to each.
  • Practice Assessment, Workflow Analysis and Design – Sometimes it helps to have a pair of outside eyes look over your operation and give you feedback. When a tune up is in order, we have the experience to help your team make changes that benefit your practice as a whole. Are you operating on auto-pilot or under the tribal knowledge of your longtime employees? Or, are you undertaking the implementation of a new EHR? Each of these scenarios calls for a comprehensive understanding of your practice goals, and a dedicated effort to document and enact good processes, to protect you, your staff, your business and your patients.
  • Team building and staff development – You went into practice to treat patients. Your staff needs to be diagnosed and treated occasionally as well. We understand the dynamics of the ambulatory medical practice and the people who are attracted to the positions that run your business. Your staffing issues are not unique, we see the same challenges everywhere, and we’ve helped many practices build successful, fluid teams.
  • Project Management – There are times when you have projects or initiatives that take more dedicated time or effort than you can handle internally. We use collaborative software to manage your projects on your behalf, keeping you involved every step of the way.
  • Financial Analysis and Physician Compensation - If you have more than one provider in your group, you've had this discussion! With changing reimbursements, change management within your practice, we can help you implement a compensation model that meets your needs.